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ບົດຮຽນ 5: What is a Broker? (IUX)

What is a Broker? (IUX)

In the world of finance and investment, “Broker” is a word that we often hear, and many people may still be wondering about its role and importance; therefore, we will help you understand it as IUX is one of the Brokers.


Who is a Broker?

A broker is an individual or Juristic person licensed by a regulatory authority, such as the stock exchange, real estate market, etc., to act as an intermediary in carrying out activities between buyers and sellers in businesses related to finance and investment by providing both parties with the convenience of services from the Broker.


IUX.COM is registered and regulated by the following authorities:

  1. MWALI International Services Authority or MISA license number T2023172
  2. Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) FSP Type License Number: 53103
  3. Financial Services Authority St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVGFSA) License number: 26183
  4. National Futures Association (NFA) ID:0549829


IUX.com is a broker that provides financial asset trading and investment services through an online platform. We facilitate trading financial assets in the form of Contracts for Difference (CFDs) and support futures trading. IUX.com is, therefore, a CFD Broker.


The main website is https://iux.com./, which provides traders with a platform to trade, and it also supports Website, Android, and iOS to facilitate traders in trading.


How does a CFD Broker work?

A CFD Broker is an intermediary for entering into financial asset trading contracts with traders. Traders enter into contracts with the CFD Broker to buy or sell financial assets. The trader owns the contract for the asset that they have made with the CFD Broker but not the actual owners of the underlying assets.

How good is a CFD Broker?

CFD Brokers offer a variety of financial assets for investment. IUX provides services in 6 asset classes and has 2 formats: Trade and Invest, which is considered a strong point for CFD Brokers.


Moreover, they allow traders to profit from both upward and downward movements, and traders can open an account with a broker easily and conveniently. There are no complicated steps in trading assets. Importantly, it also requires a relatively low initial investment, low spreads, and no trading fees. Therefore, choosing the right CFD Broker is essential.

The main roles of IUX Broker are as follows:

1. Being a middleman

IUX Broker acts as a middleman that supports and facilitates both parties: buyers (traders) who can transact in the required assets and sellers (asset owners) who do not need to search for buyers. This makes the trading process quick and convenient. 


2. Customer Service

IUX is committed to fully support customer (trader) and the best possible service to trader’s needs and enhancing convenience at every step of the trading process for traders in a variety of functions, including setting Stop Loss and Take Profit or Order, etc.


3. Trade Execution

IUX  is responsible for receiving buy or sell orders from traders and executing them in the market according to those orders, prioritizing compliance with the terms and conditions assigned. It also facilitates convenience in the trading process, such as document preparation, contract execution, fund transfers, withdrawal processes, etc.


4. Consulting and advising

IUX provides consultation and advice on investment and trading of various assets through various channels, both on the platform such as Education or Help Center and Social Media. This is to help traders understand how to use the platform, international trading standards, and apply them to improve the performance of their portfolio.


Therefore, IUX is committed to providing the highest quality and most efficient services to traders by offering the best investment advice and trading recommendations. Additionally, providing advanced tools for market analysis and financial transactions helps traders achieve success in their investments with confidence and security.


IUX Broker is an interesting CFD broker for traders looking for a user-friendly trading platform with low spreads and no commission fees. However, traders should also consider limited regulation, deposit and withdrawal options, and customer support before deciding to use IUX Broker.